BAYARD, OOT, JONES & ASSOCIATES is one of America’s premier publishers’ representative firms, handling advertising sales for leading business to business and consumer publications and web sites.

Founded in 1997 by former publishers and national ad directors, BOJA partners have a unique understanding of the needs of magazine publishers. What we wanted then when we headed sales management is what we give our publishers today – a high quality of effort combined with a high quantity of effort.

Today, with four partners, a combined advertising sales experience of over 100 years and offices in metro New York and Houston, our track record of success is unparalleled in our business. Increased sales, virtually no turnover and services over and above what the traditional rep firm can offer have led to an extraordinary high client retention rate and, from five of our ten publishers, increased territory assignments.

There’s no magic in how we produce successful results. We have learned very well that experienced, talented sales people working on a limited number of publications will achieve the results that will satisfy the most demanding of publishers. If you question the level of results your current sales representatives are achieving, let’s talk about how Bayard, Oot, Jones & Associates can, regionally or nationally, put more pages into your magazine and build sales for your digital offerings.