A TRUE STORY: A head of a different rep firm to his publisher (who is now a BOJA partner): “I’d rather give you a mediocre salesperson making ten calls a week than a seasoned pro making only one call a week.”

Replied the publisher to the head of rep firm: “I’d rather have a seasoned pro who makes ten calls a week.”

We learned a lot from that simple exchange 25 years ago. We practice now what we preached then and are proud of testimonials like the following from our publishing clients:

SINCE HIRING BOJA OUR ADVERTISING SALES HAVE STEADILY RISEN while our competitors have watched theirs fall.
-Rick Pullen, Editor-in-Chief, Leader’s Edge

YEAR AFTER YEAR BOJA HELPS INCREASE OUR AD SALES, bring in new business and maintain lasting relationships with our clients.  Wines & Vines has been working with BOJA for many years and we count on them to handle both our monthly magazine and annual directory/buyer’s guide.  Their reliability, professionalism and strong knowledge of print publishing make them an indispensable part of our sales team.
-Chet Klingensmith, Publisher, Wines & Vines Magazine, Wines & Vines Annual Directory/Buyer’s Guide, Wines & Vines Online Marketing System

WE CONSIDER BOJA A LONG TERM PARTNER IN THE ONGOING GROWTH OF ARTHRITIS TODAY. Their commitment and passion to expanding revenue for this 700,000 circulation consumer magazine has played a significant role in our success. Utilizing syndicated research, powerful presentations and superior market knowledge the BOJA team has been able to greatly expand our number of ad pages, advertisers and revenue year after year.
-George Brennan, National Sales Director, Arthritis Foundation