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WHILE BAYARD, OOT, JONES & ASSOCIATES was formally incorporated in 1997, we trace our roots back to 1905 when Egbert Corson, George Castle, Walter Bernhardt and Albert Bayard started La Hacienda, a Spanish language publication serving the agricultural industry of Central and South America.

Albert Bayard eventually bought out his partners and his son, Stuyvesant Bayard, after service in World War II, joined the publication and became publisher in 1957. In the early 60’s, Stuyvesant formed a separate company, The S. Bayard Company, selling advertising for La Hacienda and other agricultural magazines, which he continued to do so into the 1990’s.

Jim Oot and Dave Bayard both worked for The S. Bayard Company in the early 80’s and both left the company to pursue opportunities with publishing companies – with Jim eventually rising to the national advertising director for the National Retail Federation’s Stores magazine and Dave as publisher of ABA Banking Journal when it was a Simmons-Boardman publication.

After other jobs, Dave, Jim and Doug Jones, another Simmons-Boardman alumni, started working together again in 1996 and reformed the business in 1997 as Bayard, Oot, Jones & Associates, LLP.

Joining BOJA have been Marsha Tabb, a sales executive for the American Export Register and Brendan Boroski Advertising, in January 2004; Ray Tompkins, publisher of Telecom Business and TeleCard World magazines, in November 2004; and Laura Lemos, a real estate professional, in 2011.

La Hacienda was sold in 1969, but Bayard, Oot, Jones & Associates continues a tradition of long term relationships, including one, with Wines & Vines, since 1962. We measure our success not just by steady ad sales growth for our clients, but by the length, depth and tenure of the relationships we have with our publishers and fellow partners and associates.