BAYARD, OOT, JONES & ASSOCIATES is looking for additional partners and associates to add to our company’s growth. If you are looking to become associated with one of America’s premier rep firms, and the best one in the nation to work for, read on.


Partnership: We don’t want employees as we don’t want to burden our clients with turnover or rookies. If you are part of BOJA, you’re a partner or associate.

You keep your commissions. 100% of them (other than an annual State of New Jersey Partnership Tax of $150 for our partners and any shared marketing expenses).

Complete independence to run your book of business the way you see fit. Each BOJA partner is their own profit center completely responsible for running their part of the business.

No buy in. This is not a franchise where it costs umpteen dollars to join.


You to have a solid track record of success as well as the experience and ability that puts you in the top echelon of our trade.

You to have an existing book of business. But remember, it is your book of business. You continue to keep all the commissions. Publisher contracts can remain in your name.

An ability to work in a “BOJA” manner. Smart and hard. We want partners who keep their overhead low so they don’t need to take on “that one extra publication.” For each of your clients, we expect you to be able to give a fair and reasonable amount of time as well as a solid quality of effort. It’s our reputation too.


Growth. By banding together, we are able to attract leading publications and provide the appropriate manpower to maximize each magazine’s fullest potential.

Cost sharing. BOJA partners can elect to join in common marketing efforts. By spreading the costs over more partners, each individuals’ contribution is smaller.

AND MOST IMPORTANT, we want work to be fun:

We have a “no asses” rule and it means just that. It’s a job, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. We only want as part of Bayard, Oot, Jones & Associates partners who will add to the experience, camaraderie and pleasure of doing our jobs. If you don’t have a positive outlook or if you’re not someone others enjoy working with, then look somewhere else. But if you’re a sales person others are proud to associate with and you’re looking for full responsibility for your own business, and the rewards that come with it, please tell us why BOJA and you might be perfect together.


Dave Bayard at 973-727-2020 or