• What is an independent rep?
Independent publishing representatives provide a turn-key solution for your sales needs. Our goal is to become fully integrated with your mission and handle all aspects of sales – prospecting, new business development and account maintenance – while maintaining a database of contacts and updating the account history.
  • Why work with an independent rep firm?
Working with an independent rep enables you to retain topflight sales executives for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own staff. Our commission-based fee ensures that our goals are aligned and means that you only pay for performance. Hence you can control your costs by saving on T&E, payroll taxes and other sales-related expense.
  • How is BOJA different than other independent rep firms?
Plain and simple, all BOJA employees are partners in the firm. We have no junior sales reps. So the people you work with to set up your partnership with BOJA will also be the ones who represent your magazine and online properties. We’re able to provide a higher level of salesmanship than other rep firms because of our experience.
BOJA also handles fewer publications per partner than most rep companies because we keep our overhead low. This allows us to give a greater quantity of time to each of our clients and to do a more complete job in selling the entire market place.
  • What experience do you have in selling online media?
All our partners have been involved in selling online media since the early days of web banners. One partner sat on the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s panel to develop “Best Practices for e-Mail Marketing”. We are well versed in selling CPM campaigns and delivering the back-end metrics to keep clients sold.
  • How about selling sponsorships?
It’s all part of the media mix – print, web banners, e-newsletter sponsorships, e-mail names, webinars, video, events and sponsorships. We have helped our most successful publishing clients put together multi-channel ad packages that provide clients with multiple touch points and create new revenue streams for the publishers.

  • Do you specialize in any particular markets/industries?
We have experience across a wide array of BtoB markets, consumer healthcare and specialize in working with associations.  We’ve worked with and have contacts in banking, travel, health, marketing, automotive aftermarket, nonprofit, engineering, legal, food service, insurance and more!  But more than knowing a specific market, we understand the sales process and can effectively communicate your sales message to the market.
  • What is your fee?
Typically we are paid a commission of 20% on net sales. That number can be tweaked so we’re compensated less on running business and more for new accounts.  In the case of a start-up or if the assignment is entirely for new business development, we may ask for a draw against commissions.

  • Who covers your expenses?
BOJA pays all our own expenses except for travel associated with trade shows and sales meetings.


  • Do you handle billing?
We can and have handled billing and collections for clients for a small incremental fee on top of our commission.